West Side Beef sells and delivers custom shares of beef, chicken, and pork to customers throughout the Greater Toronto Area. They needed a new platform that could both showcase and offer their products for sale to consumers online. We extended their business by building a customizable eCommerce application.


Increase in overall web traffic


Increase in pageviews


Increase in online sales


Increase in orders placed


  • Design
  • Development
  • Strategy
  • Analytics


This application added the flexibility to automate the product management and order processes for West Side Beef (WSB). It also created a home for online marketing campaigns, blogs, recipes, glossaries, frequently asked questions, contact forms, and seamless social media integration. The site features various functionalities for administrators and access to customer information securely. WSB’s online presence is now integral to its operations and success.

On the customer side, a customized dashboard was created to handle logins, billing, shipping, and orders by status. Customers can purchase products easily, through a tailored step-by-step interface. Customers are automatically kept up to date by emails sent once an order has been placed, is ready to ship, and is fulfilled. This site is fully responsive and can be viewed on all modern devices and browsers.


The challenge with WSB is that each item has a delivery or pickup date that needs to be set and tracked by its admin team. Products are sold in packages that frequently sell out—since a side of beef only produces so many packs—so it was imperative to limit certain user purchasing capabilities.

Another aspect of this project included determining the viability of customer delivery. We created a customizable pricing model that incorporated inputs such as distance, product volume, fluctuating fuel prices, vehicle purchases, and employee wages, and ensured that offering this service was practical and viable for West Side Beef.


When designing the West Side Beef site, we focused on creating an eCommerce community that connects those who love to cook with those that produce ingredients locally. We wanted users to feel comfortable and welcome with the illustration-based look of the site. The application is clean, sleek, playful, and fun.

We kept the user experience minimal. The navigation elements are collapsed but appear when clicked in all points requiring interaction. This allows the design to feel lighter, especially during the purchasing process. The purchasing process itself is broken down into quick, step-by-step, numbered stages which ensures clarity, and ease of use for first time users of the application.

As part of our ongoing relationship with WSB, we also make regular updates to the design elements on their website to better communicate expanded product offerings.


Flexibility was the main concern when it came to content and product separation within the WSB system. The content management system allows the WSB team to create dynamic, rich data articles as well as simple or variable products easily. The administration panel has been transformed to allow for dynamic product variables and customizations and has been tailored to fit all aspects of the WSB business. From order tracking to fulfillment, the system allows the administrators to keep track of everything.

We have also added many new features and upgrades to improve the ordering process online such as; adding postal code search which allows customers to check for delivery availability in their area, removing time-specific order processes from the order checkout, and adding a shipping label printing feature to further automate the order fulfillment process. Customers can now also subscribe to product offerings that were previously only available as one-off purchases

Analytics, Reporting, and Integrations

This eCommerce application has many data gathering and reporting features including: administration purchasing reports, Google Analytics, and social media sharing integrations. Within the application administration interface is a full reporting engine showcasing sales in a variety of segments: overall (yearly, monthly, weekly, daily), per category or group, and per product. This internal reporting engine also displays usage statistics for discounts, coupons, and taxes. Outside of the administration dashboard, analytics are tracked via Google Analytics. This included page views, as well as custom campaign and marketing initiatives during key seasonal sales cycles. To ensure word of mouth and high social connectivity, we added social sharing on all content using APIs of the social platforms used most frequently by WSB.

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