See How Cursor helped The Sleep Judge modernize its online presence with a highly tailored web development and content strategy that showcased its extensive data, resources, and reviews on all things sleep related.


Fully compatible with every type of modern device and platform.

Clean Navigation

Navigation that is easy to follow for a seamless user experience.


Organized structure made with a look-and-feel that inspires trust.


Simplified and versatile content management for users and admins.


  • Development
  • Design


  • Front- End Engineering
  • UX/ UI


Seeking a full redesign for their website, The Sleep Judge approached Cursor hoping for a website with a better navigation experience, a more organized structure, and a look and feel that inspires trust.


Beginning by reviewing old content already added to the previous version of their website, Cursor developed a clear idea of what information and products to highlight and showcase on the front of the site. The menu was structured in a more organized and user friendly way, ensuring the design was perfect even on mobile devices. Special care was taken to maintain their previous online presence while polishing it to be even better.


The Sleep Judge has become a leader in the field of sleep-related products, equipped with a highly organized encyclopedic archive and genuine reviews from both users and sleep experts.

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