A luxury lingerie store based in Toronto, Stole My Heart offers consumers unique, hand-picked lingerie brands. See how Cursor helped SMH boost sales and create an online presence as unique as their products with a full-service digital strategy.


Increase in transactions.


Increase in eCommerce conversion rate.


Increase in revenue.


Increase in average order value.


  • Strategy
  • Marketing


  • Market Analytics
  • Digital Paid Media
  • Email Marketing


With the majority of their sales coming from their brick and mortar location in Toronto, Stole My Heart sought to boost online sales. Finding the right platforms to target the right audience and promote the product line in a friendly and attractive way was a challenge Cursor was well equipped for.


After a market analysis that identified competitors and customer profiles, we determined the best way to proceed was a combination of pay-per-click and email marketing campaigns.

With the optimal audience for a PPC campaign discovered by this initial analysis, we set a plan in motion by first directing traffic to the website so that potential customers could be sent through sales funnels to build up our email list. Subscribers would later receive personalized emails with the latest news, events, and exclusive promotions.

Additionally, various conversion campaigns were run that focused on bestsellers, new arrivals, and special collections. Based on data collected from these campaigns, Cursor made the decision to integrate remarketing options that allowed us to recover potential customers who chose not to complete the purchasing process through offerings of exclusive incentives via email and social media.


After running a series of pay-per-click and email campaigns, we saw a considerable increase in their online sales and average order value. With plenty of A/B testing, we were able to find the right media mix that worked for Stole My Heart and as a result, they are able to steadily reach their customers month over month with their products, services, and offerings.

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