Looking for a way to connect pet owners and services, Paws Advisor needed a responsive, streamlined platform. See how Cursor helped them design and build a site to list, find, and rate pet-related services and businesses in a user’s neighbourhood.


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  • Development
  • Design


  • UX/ UI
  • Front- End Engineering


Paws Advisor needed us to manifest their concept into a reality: A platform specifically designed for pet owners to share reviews and comments about local pet-related services in their area.


Cursor was involved in this project from its earliest stages; first with understanding the client’s needs and vision, then building the platform with the end-user in mind. We were involved in planning the entirety of the structure. This included the visual culture of the content, wireframing (before developing elements and sections of the platform), and optimizing the content structure to display them in an accurate and organized way. Our priority for this project was to create a unique experience where users could effortlessly share their experiences and reviews with other users in the community.


The result was a very organized, responsive platform that is currently used by a number of users as a top option to find trustful pet-related services in their area.

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