While North Medical Spa generated the majority of their existing clients through offline marketing strategies and networking, they weren’t seeing the growth they wanted. See how Cursor helped them fix this by enhancing their online presence.


Increase in overall web traffic.


Increase in organic traffic.


Increase in new users.


Increase in pageviews.


Returning users.


Qualified leads received.


  • Marketing


  • Digital Paid Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Market Analytics


North Medical Spa needed a way to develop both a list of leads and a base of loyal clients who would continuously interact with their medical spa. To accomplish this, Cursor would need to build brand interest, establish online lead generation, expand existing sales funnels, increase lead nurturing, and enhance internal operations.


Our strategy began with a comprehensive study and market analysis resulting in a developed list of target personas. This allowed us to immediately recognize that the best way to reach out to our specific audience would be a series of pay-per-click and email marketing campaigns.

Our initiatives were focused around both paid digital ad campaigns and an effective email marketing tool. We targeted our audiences’ most used social media platforms and structured our marketing tools to provide continuous, personalized, and automated connection with users. An online and offline SEO strategy was also implemented in order to organically attract potential clients. We went the extra mile and provided further assistance in ongoing client communication. This involved the creation of customized templates for email marketing campaigns as well as multiple contact forms optimized for capturing necessary information from potential clients. After we implemented our strategy, we analyzed the results and actively sought out any weaknesses that could be strengthened.


North Medical Spa reached exponential growth in website hits and their social media presence, reflecting a considerable increase in clients, calls, and physical visits for their brick and mortar locations. This has allowed North Medical Spa to expand their schedules, services, and staff to meet the increased demand for the unique, one-of-a-kind experience that they offer. Cursor continues to work hand in hand with North Medical Spa to present new ideas and technologies that capitalize on any detected areas of opportunity, while keeping them in the consumer’s mind.

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