Selling organic skincare products made from all-natural, clean ingredients, Mpenzy wanted to increase online sales. See how Cursor helped by creating a fast, flexible, user-friendly, and responsive website.


Designed to be elegant, user-friendly, and responsive across devices.


Built with the ability to scale and expand into multiple markets.

Full-Service Analytics

Complete analytics integration for detailed reporting.


Efficient and responsive eCommerce across devices.


  • Development
  • Design


  • Front- End Engineering
  • UX/ UI
  • Ecommerce


Hoping to increase online awareness of their organic skincare products, Mpenzy came to Cursor to create an eCommerce platform that included robust page templates and rich media control.


Cursor began by evaluating Mpenzy’s technical needs through a foundational assessment. Based on the information discovered in this process, we proposed a content and web design solution built on a vastly improved and highly effective eCommerce platform with an optimized, responsive user interface. We focused on creating a tech stack that would allow for multiple stores and currencies to be easily created, allowing Mpenzy to expand into any market with ease. Cursor established and connected all necessary third-party applications, and integrated analytics and sales reporting capabilities to ensure the right data would be tracked.


Sporting an elegant, user-friendly design, Cursor transformed Mpenzy’s website into an efficient, responsive, revenue-generating online enterprise with the ability to support multiple markets and the capabilities to scale to any size with ease.

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