See how Cursor helped Leaves of Trees sell their all-natural products with a creative site redesign, upgrades to their ecommerce platform, and added features that simplified the shopping experience for retail and wholesale clients.


Increase in social sessions.


Increase in organic search sales.


Increase in frontpage sessions.


Returning customer rate.


  • Development
  • Design
  • Analytics


  • Back-End Development
  • Front- End Engineering
  • UX/ UI
  • Ecommerce

Strategy & Planning

Leaves of Trees was seeking an online presence that better reflected their companies’ priorities and goals, and collaborated with the Cursor team to achieve this using the necessary tools and features. The site was redesigned to showcase their products through a modern and clean aesthetic, with seamless navigation that contained a complete catalogue of Leaves of Trees goods. The eCommerce checkout process was also developed to be simple and easy to use, with Cursor overcoming challenges like adding the capability for shoppers and wholesalers to create and manage their own accounts within the site.


An elegant, modern skincare brand requires an elegant, modern site design. Working with designer Rachelle Letain, Cursor conceptualized a new site concept with a chic typographic style and a simple yet charming colour palette that extended the Leaves of Trees brand. By incorporating unique global site navigation elements to simplify the user experience, the various elements of the site are able to be accessed quickly and easily.

Products also need to be showcased as effectively as possible. Cursor accomplished this by incorporating high-resolution image galleries for each product, complete with a hover based zoom-in capability. Product pages also contain a full-list of ingredients, product reviews, custom tagging, and social sharing integrations.


The site’s development was based around several essential features: Instagram feed integration, a newsletter signup form, and integrated maps. Through Cursor’s development efforts, The Leaves of Trees team is now able to incorporate global site alerts, toggle custom product tags, and easily manage home page products, collections, and posts from a single admin panel. Using this panel, staff can also access previous order information, track order shipments, view and edit user information, and evaluate sales statistics. Staff are also able to easily manage content to provide customers with product tips, administer press releases, publish company news, and update FAQs.

Ecommerce Integration

In order to improve user experience, the Leaves of Trees eCommerce experience received several functionality improvements. Custom shipping was integrated so administrators could adjust rates and set free shipping thresholds, and management was given the ability to designate user types allowing retail and wholesale customers access to specific products and product pricing based on privileges.

The way customers interacted with the eCommerce platform was also improved. User experience was customized based on location allowing users to purchase products in their local currency. The cart page was reformatted to be dynamic, allowing for a continuously updating page that always shows the users selected products without needing to be refreshed. Shipping and account information was made editable through various custom views making the checkout process more efficient, and an alert was created so that users always know exactly how much they need to spend to earn free shipping.


A wealth of data gathering and reportive features were added to the ecommerce application: administration purchasing reports, Google Analytics, and social media API integrations among others. A full reporting engine was added to the administration interface, showcasing sales in a variety of segments: dated-based, per category or group, or per product. Usage statistics for discounts, coupons, and taxes are also displayed. Outside of the administration dashboard, analytics are tracked and tailored via third party analytic applications.

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