See how we built Idea Couture a website that reflects their passion for innovation and showcases their services and designs.


Fully compatible and displays on all modern browsers and devices.


Features a customized, multi-domain application that adds and translates content into any language.

Admin portal

Creates unique, flexible layouts and manages a variety of content types, modules, components, and rich media.


Uses standard analytics to collect, analyze, and generate reports.


  • Design
  • Development
  • Strategy
  • Analytics


Our main priority for this project was to give the Idea Couture (IC) digital team enough flexibility to manage content without sacrificing simplicity. We brought their ideas to life by collaborating closely on their mobile user interface and interaction strategies.


Since Idea Couture has offices and clients around the world, it was important that they had direct access to the content in their regional language. We created a multi-domain application that translates content into any language.


The IC team provided us with detailed compositions, structures, and visualizations to use during the design process. We assessed the best way to integrate these designs and concepts into a content management system that was effective and simple, but robust enough to handle dynamic layouts.


The Idea Couture application is able to create unique and flexible layouts using a variety of content types, modules, components, and rich media. For the IC team, we created a customized administration experience that exceeds the standard content management system’s editor.

Analytics, Reports, and Integrations

The Idea Couture application uses standard analytics to collect, analyze, and generate reports. This includes all pages and distinct sections of the application, regardless of device or browser.

As a designer, I found working with Darren at Cursor to be a really productive, intuitive experience. He was excellent at integrating with our design process, working in an agile manner, anticipating needs and problem solving on the go. Generally an excellent person to work with, making for a process that felt effortless and fluid.

Michael Wandelmaier

Interactive Designer,
Idea Couture

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