Humble + Fume is a brand focused on curating experiences for retailers and dispensaries, and their digital experience is no exception. See how Cursor helped Canada’s leading cannabis accessory distributor develop a revamped full stack application to better serve its customers.

Tailor Made

Tailored page template and clean url routing.

Highly Optimized

Minimized code based and blazing fast speeds.

Full Service Analytics

Detailed reports on every aspect of the site.

Fully Customizable

Quick and easily customizable templates.


  • Development
  • Design
  • Analytics


  • Front- End Engineering
  • UX/ UI
  • Market Analytics
  • Back-End Development


Credit for the design belongs to our friends at Fish Out of Water Design. Their team conceived the overall concept, look, and feel that best represented the next phase of the Humble + Fume brand. Upon delivery of the final desktop composition, we at Cursor reviewed and tweaked the designs to best fit a modern application structure, polishing the user interface to maintain the look and feel across multiple devices and screen sizes.


Cursor’s focus when developing this project was a full stack application with clean url routing and customized page templates. The biggest challenge we were presented with was the prospect of creating a simple framework that allowed for quick edits and customizations, enabling a wide variety of content including headers, body copy, rich media, and search optimized meta tags. As the final step of the development process, we deployed a virtual server with built in build processes allowing for rapid deployments. Using this method minimized all server code: html, images, styles, and scripts, ensuring a final product with an optimized final size and fast speeds.


Using standard application analytics and detailed virtual server metrics, Cursor gave Humble + Fume the ability to track template views, user behaviours, and campaign goals as well as server health, speed, and holistic stack reports.

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