A premier producer in Canada’s thriving medical cannabis market needs a premier eCommerce platform. See how Cursor was able to help Atlas growers expand its customer engagement across the digital landscape.

Fully tailored

Customized payment process.


Flexible administration panel for content management.

API integration

Tailored to Atlas Growers needs.

Admin & User Portal

Flexibility and easy to manage.


  • Development
  • Analytics
  • Strategy


  • API Integration
  • Front- End Engineering
  • Content Management
  • Market Analytics
  • Ecommerce
  • Competitive Analysis
  • UX/ UI
  • Back-End Development


Atlas growers came to Cursor looking for a secure, professional, one-stop-shop that could both meet their customers' needs and manage and promote their line of cannabis products. Users needed to be able to interact with the platform, subscribe, and create a private account where they could track their orders.


The Cursor team’s first step was to thoroughly understand user goals. Prioritizing information against the user needs, we were able to collaborate with the Fish Agency team to deliver a thoughtfully crafted UI that presented data intuitively to the user.

Atlas Growers was developed in four phases.


Prioritizing a unique user-experience, we created a customized payment process using the full limits of medical documents provided through the patient portal. This was supplemented with a support system and newsletter marketing service to foster customer assistance.

Administrator portal:

The administrator portal was developed with flexibility as a key priority. It allows for the easy management of customers, administrators, orders, registrations, medical documents, clinics, practitioners, and files. The portal also allows for integration with the Atlas API, eCommerce, and Patient Portal.

User Portal:

By interfacing with the Atlas API and eCommerce ecosystem, we were able to create a custom portal with the authentication capabilities to Sign In, Sign Up, Sign Out, and reset user’s passwords. The customer is able to manage all profile data, medical registration, order statuses, and tracking information through the portal.


Keeping Atlas’s specific business needs in mind, API integration was tailored to allow for the management of all company data, including customers, administrators, practitioners, clinics, registrations, order, files, and medical documents.

A third-party service was also integrated for customer support, email communication, email list management, reporting, and programmable fax.


The project culminated in a tailored, responsive eCommerce website with the capabilities to manage all in-house content and a dashboard with integrated reporting and marketing tools to track results in real-time with ease.

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